Seagaze DJ’s

DJ Heretic (DKFM Shoegaze Radio)


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DJ Heretic is a joy to have around. He is the co-creator of Seagaze. Without him and Jeff Seagaze likely would have never existed.  He also is a major part of DKFM Shoegaze Radio. For five years, DKFM has been providing listeners with exceptional shoegaze and dream pop, both classics and best new artists, and defining the leading edge in quality specialty programming. Currently broadcasting live, 24/7, from our new home high atop the BDC Tower in Toronto, Ontario, DKFM is committed to elevating this classic music to a professional radio status. We like to think this is what radio would sound like, if terrestrial radio wasn’t consistently abysmal.


DJ Mamma Casserole


Mamma Casserole was the talent buyer for The Comet Tavern (Seattle, WA) from 2004-2013. She is now booking shows in Seattle at the Lofi Performance gallery on Eastlake. She is considered one of the premier DJs of Psych Rock in the city.  She also helps us book Seagaze every year! She has just begun to dj a monthlly at Jupiter in Seattle’s Belltown area. She will be spinning at Jupiter in Seattle’s Belltown Neighborhood on April 21st! for the DJ MAMMA Casserole event at Jupiter BAR the Seagaze Edition. So go have a listen and enjoy Seagaze week before the festival! She will also be DJing April 27th at our big Friday show, Day Two of Seagaze weekend with The Shivas and Heaven!




Black Light Crash

When not fronting the band very well known and highly regarded Seattle Shoegazer/ Psych Rock band Black Nite Crash DJ Jimi C has spun at Lo-Fi, Sunset, Tractor, Crocodile, Neumos, Q, Comet, Bad Juju, Runway, Lava Lounge, Marsbar, as well was a DJ at WXAC Albright College radio in Reading, Pennsylvania. His sets vary widely depending on the event. He has an amazing collection of Shoegaze, Psych Rock and Brit Pop and among the many genres he spins we have been lucky to have him spin a lot of gems to that only added to the celebration of music the festival represents. We are very glad we have him. He spins at Jupiter in Seattle’s Belltown Neighborhood April 14th! So go have a listen before the festival!


DJ Neon Sigh 


pictured on the far left with Phil King (LUSH/JAMC) and Kim House (Fotoform)

DJ Neon Sigh has earned a great reputation for being an extremely solid DJ for his great psych, shoegaze, dreampop and britpop sets which makes sense of course when you think of his amazing label of the same name. You’ll find some of the best sounding artists in the world on his current and forthcoming releases, which heavily feature fuzzy, dream pop / rock music (sometimes simply referred to as neon pop). Releases out now include Dead Leaf Echo, Ringo Deathstarr, The Telescopes, Black Nite Crash, rev rev rev, Tokyoidaho, Soft Shadows, and Golden Gardens, Jetman Jet Team. Still to come, new work from Astrobrite, Tokyoidaho, Black Nite Crash and others. Your dreams are contained herein, highlighted in neon by interesting rock music.