Lost Echoes

Shining like a light through the forest at sunset, Lost Echoes emerges from the shadows of Portland Oregon. Blending heavy riffs, psychedelic guitars and a driving rhythm section, their music takes the listener on a journey that lives in the realms of classic shoegaze, post punk and modern darkwave.

Born in 2016, Lost Echoes joins together David Gross (guitars and lead vocals),

Justin Knauer (drums and synthesizers), Brian Wilcher (bass guitar and vocals) and Michael Lynch. (guitars and vocals). Together they deliver an unmistakable sound that is best suited for a long drive on a mountain highway or through the desert in the dark.

Waves of effected guitar are the soul of Lost Echoes sound, while solid grooves and pulsing bass lines are the foundation. They sing songs about love and loss, dark and light, hopes and dreams and futures past-at once introspective and relatable.

With several singles and EPs self-released from 2018-2020, Lost Echoes is debuting their first full length LP-Stars-in spring of 2022. Signed to the Montreal-based label Velouria

Recordz-home of stellar shoegaze act The City Gates-the album has been lovingly mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive.

David Gross – Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizers

Michael Lynch – Guitar, Vocals

Brian Wilcher – Bass, Vocals

Justin Knauer – Drums, Synths, Synthesizers