About the Seagaze Festival

One day on a Saturday afternoon before A Place To Bury Strangers concert Jeff McCollough and Greg Wilson were discussing the idea of a festival that spotlighted the great shoegaze, psych and post-punk music of the Northwest. Within hours the idea started to spread like wildfire. By the end of the night a small staff existed and Jeff and Greg began to brainstorm a list of bands. Within months the festival was taking shape. At one point the festival was renamed and things became untenable with a different vision and mission that had nothing to do with the original idea.  At a certain point Jeff and Greg decided to salvage the original idea and name. This was done with the help of Omar Rashan, Tauna Leonardo and Richard O’Leary and Mama Casserole at Lo Fi Performance Gallery. Within days line-ups came together and what had been originally a two day festival mushroomed into 4 days of strong live acts that would have a real draw and still would fit with the mission of the festival. The result was a successful 4 day festival. One that had as much attention and press as most larger festivals with large budgets. This happened in major part thanks to the vision Jeff and Greg came up with having an authenticity that drew many performers in as well as the amount of heart that was put forward by everyone involved. Described as the “The first four day Shoegaze, Post Punk and Psych Rock festival in Seattle”, Seagaze is a smaller festival that goes against the ideas much of the larger, more commercial music festivals – with experience and quality coming first. Since its creation in 2015 it has spread its belief in uniquely intimate and eclectic performances that provide the patron with a much more intense and beautiful experience that leaves them glad they came and looking forward to the next year.