The Cult of Lip

Loosely formed in 2009, 12 members, 7 years and 4 EPs under an alias later, the Cult of Lip is fully active as of 2016.

“In a micro-scape of blinking lights, the psychedelic is always on the mind but so is the drag of it.” – Kissin Alleys


Right Now:

“The perfect soundtrack to listen to when you’re speeding out to the desert at night to look for UFO’s…pretty dope” – Razorcake

“A more punk My Bloody Valentine…both confounding and addicting…and a great record” – Maximum Rock N Roll

VATS – Iridescent Intent:

“Yes, it’s rock and roll with a reflective surface, light bouncing off its streaky sheen with blinding abandon and breakneck bounce…Great energy from a great band” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“On “Lodge” the scuzz guides until the feedback turns to drone and we’re humming internally. It flirts with motorik and harkens to the darker side of psych like The Warlocks.” – Impose Magazine

Sleep Receiver:

“A Glow” is a mix of deep fuzz, woozy vocals, direct drumming and a love for sweeping noise, all rooted in a pop sensibility. The band has a knack for mixing heavy layers of shoegaze with etheral vocal melodies and this song is no exception.“ – Midwest Action

“Growling bass blends with cymbal-heavy beats that pulse in kind, making a thick bedrock for sinewy riffs to skate across. Shape-shifting elements of static and feedback make for songs that tend to drone but never bore.” – St Louis Riverfront Times