New Age Healers

Singer/guitar: Owen Murphy
Drums/vocals: Scott Mattews (The Piniellas/The Wannabes)
Bass: Allen Murray (Modern Athletics) 
Guitar: Adam Vernick (Devotion)

New Age Healers is the brainchild of Owen Murphy, with pals Scott Matthews (The Wannabes / The Piniellas) on drum / vocal bots, Adam Vernick (Lemuria / Devotion) on guitar based technology, and Allen Murray (Modern Athletics) on the bass propulsion system. 

We’ve been called “shoegaze,” “post-punk” and “psych-rock,” so I guess it’s those things. It all seems like rock to me, though.

Hi, I am the Owen 4000 and I am the studio version of New Age Healers. The live version(s) are coming together nicely, to thank you for asking.

Influences include David Bowie, Chatham Rise, Black Angels, Dandy Warhols, Deerhunter, Love and Rockets, Husker Du, Arcwelder, Black Nite Crash, Ride, NoMeansNo, etc.